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Respect for the vines



image mosaïque de terroirs

A patchwork of terroirs

Vignobles Comtes von Neipperg's various terroirs form a veritable patchwork. A detailed study has made it possible to adapt viticultural practices to each one and reflect its personality in the wine.

Respect for the living things

The various elements that make up terroir are considered a living entity worth preserving. This is why natural methods – green cover, composting, and planting of hedges – are used to protect the ecosystem and to produce unique wines reflecting their origin.

image agriculture bio

Organic agriculture

Dating from 1988, this deep ecological commitment is constantly revised and updated to enhance the environment and biodiversity. Many years of effort culminated in obtaining in organic certification for Château Canon La Gaffelière and La Mondotte in 2014. In addition, both estates are now ISO 14001 certified.

Ensuring the future

Winegrowing methods are above all part and parcel of a philosophy of life. Deeply attached to his terroir and guardian of 8 centuries of family tradition, Stephan von Neipperg is committed to handing on his vineyards in good condition to future generations in order to perpetuate his family's winegrowing history.