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A precious heritage



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Birth of an earldom

Established in the 12th century in Germany's northern Württemberg Valley, the von Neipperg earldom comprised some thirty villages and market towns, including Schwaigern, which remains the family seat to this day.

Major military and diplomatic figures

Ennobled during the Holy Roman Empire, the von Neipperg family served the imperial family of Austria starting in the 16th century, contributing officers and diplomats for many years. Two figures stand out: Count Eberhard-Friedrich von Neipperg and Count Adam-Adalbert von Neipperg.

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A deep attachment to the land

The family has made wine in Germany since the 13th century, and viticulture has never stopped being a central part of their life. The custodian of some 800 years of winegrowing tradition, the talented Stephan von Neipperg manages the Bordeaux estates acquired by his family in 1971. Ably assisted by a team of professionals, he has brought the wines from these châteaux to the pinnacle of quality.  

A precious heritage

Residing in Saint-Emilion since 1983, Stephan von Neipperg and his wife, Sigweis, have devoted themselves tirelessly to perpetuating the family tradition at their various estates. The next generation is committed to this same goal... and shares a profound respect for the terroir.